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diciembre 22, 2011

Rebel Without a Cause
October 12, 2010

Teal Socks & Lace

La Vagabond Dame

Polka Dot Caramel

La Vagabond Dame

La Vagabond Dame

Olive Bearings

Canary Yellow

Baby, Take Five

Friday Brunches

Classy for Summer


Young & Restless

The Twenties

Strong Shoulder

Lilac Polish

Royal Blue & Camel Hue

Finally Found my own Realm of Dreams

Stripes Obsessed

Pink Backpack for School

Time for Fall Season

City Life

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

White Light

Mustard & Burgundy

Tulle Holiday Giveaway

Late Fall Spices

Gumba’s for Best F.’s Birthday

Winter Formal

Pleated Lavender

Sitting on the Docks in Nautical Blues

Stand Still

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cotton Candy Colors

Forever Fixated

Pretty Pinks

Pastel Check

Bright Red & Polished

First of Spring Days

Almost Famous

Sweet & Classy

Spring Cleaning

Malibu Barbie Doll

Falafel Drive In

Floral Dr. Martens

She Drinks Acid Like Honey

I Feel Like Daisy Buchanan

Meow Said The Pussy