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diciembre 8, 2011

NADIA ABOULHOSN – Dont be insecure if your heart is pure.

Mean walk.
October 15, 2011

Pretty woman.

Dominating on every level.

Changing skies.

Lotus flower bomb.

Long overdue.

Persistent passion.

Electric chapel. ϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟ

Small door of opportunity.

Cake cake cake cake.

Dreaming is believing.

I dont need permission.

Dreams become attainable.


Express your womankind.

Keep up.

Warm winter.

Simplistic sophistication.

Give way to impulse.

Dont you be holding back.

Its always a new beginning.

Cant be labeled.

Dream with open eyes.

Center or my own world

Enter galactic.

Second best is never enough.

Crimson lace.

Distant horizon.