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David Szeto.

diciembre 9, 2010

Miro Coat

BB Dress

Carla Coat

Leopard Scarf Peach

Garbo Coat Dress

Harlequin Scarf

Mushroom Jacket

Molly Dress

Roma Jacket

Panther Scarf Blue

Tiger Scarf Pink

Paarl Scarf, Coral & Ginger. Mina Dress, Grey

Genevieve Dress, Dot Bleed Camel. Babs Top, Paprika

Ash Dress. Mondrian Print Scarf, Red/Blue

Dot Bleed Scarf, Grey. Chou Jacket, Navy
Katy Pants, Black. India Scarf, Yellow

Dot Bleed Scarf, Blue. Sari Dress, Red

Genevieve Dress, Dot Bleed Grey. Yvo Jacket, Silver

Sari Dress, Electric Blue. Yvo Jacket, Striped, Silver Bangles from “1-100 by Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos”

India Scarf, Paprika. Zip Dress

Sari Dress, Fiery Red. India Scarf, Orange

Dot Bleed Scarf, Brown. Mina Dress Navy