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Petite Panoply / Blogger.

diciembre 26, 2011




Leather Scalloped Skirt.

Leopard Dress worn as a skirt + Vintage Concert T-shirt.

Blue + Magenta.

Purple Blouse, Snake Print Flats.

Peplum Skirt + Band T-shirt.

Casual Friday.

Pink Leopard Print at the Brewery.

Leopard Dress.

Old Heart Print Shirt.

Classy Times.

Psychotic State.

Bright Vintage Floral Skirt.

Trusty Polka Dots.

Mint + Red.

Lace + Teal.

A Little Bit Country?

Linen Shorts + Loafers.

Sparkly Gold Loafers.

Lace + Crimson.

I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning.

Illinois Backyard Shenanigans.

Zebra Meets My Red Dress.

Sailing Away.

Night in the Ruts.

Chambray & Floral.

Boat Print Shirt.

Dotted shorts, composer scarf.

Pinafore at the Playground.

Walking on Sunshine.

Back at the Apartment.

Lake Lanier.

It’s My Blogiversary!

Good Golly Miss Molly.

Dots, Stripes, Goofy Pictures.

A Romper for Thrifting.

Teal & Red.

Bouffant Day.


Zebra & Dots.


Bows & Braids.

Botanical Gardens Fun.

My New Favorite Dress.

A Colorful Mix.


My Bonnie Hat.

Thrifty Winter-y Fun.

Oct. 27/2011.

Warm Times.

I’m a Valentine.

Dots, Stripes, and Colorful Things.

Comfy Weekend Clothes.

Blue Crushed Velvet.

Leap Day!

Is it Friday Yet?

Super Freak.

Comfy Times.

These Shorts.

Sunny, Flowery Shorts.

Summer-like Springtime.

Stripes and Floral.

Cotton Candy Blue Sweater.

Spring into Spring.



Chloe’s Addiction / Blogger.

diciembre 24, 2011

Run Away.

Don’t Worry Be Sexy!

I Will Wait…

Polka Dots
June 6, 2011

Flats or heels?

Burst of Colors.

The Devil Wears Prada.

Miu Miu Fontis.

Loving Melbourne’s Winter!

More Cardigan! More!

YSL Lippy and Arty Oval Ring!

Me and My Struggles.

Tardy Platform Boots & Shorts.

Spring is here + Giveaway!

JC’s Future.


Love Dress.


Oh My Beautiful Target.

My Heart’s A Stereo.

Feeling Good!

Python print!

Jumpsuit with heels.

Disco Shorts!!!

Afternoon Stroll.

Colour Block.


Violets + Giveaway on my blog!

My Someday’s Gone Now.


Fish Tail Braid + Romwe Freebies!

Windy Summer!

Stars and Stripes + Giveaway!!!

Baroque Prints.

Fringes & Shorts.

Collar Up! + giveaway on my blog.

Mint & Yellow.

Young, Wild & Free.


The Golden Braid.

Aztec Print.

Market HQ Style Off ( + Giveaways).


Mint Sunnies.

Knit & Pleat.

Happy Easter + Giveaway!

3D Polka dots!

Still In Love.

Dip Dye.

Peach & Mint!



Florals & Pastels.

Black & Metallic + 3 giveaways!

Side-Split Skirt.

Happy 1 year!


Denim on Denim.

Ombre and Spikes.

Cross of Bones (+ giveaway!).

Be Loved Little Fighter.

Fiji Prints.

Nasty Gals Do It Better (+giveaways).

Comic Print Denim.

Leather & Denim.

Leather (+giveaway).

Spring in Melbourne!

Love & Peace.

Water Colours.

Sweet Nothing.

Toxic Kiss.

Cross Your Heart (+giveaway).


One More Night.

Meow ~ (+giveaway!).

Hey Kitty!

Turban Love!

My Life…

Another Day (+ Giveaway!).

Show Me A Sign (+Giveaway!).

Natalie Liabo / La vagabond dame / Blogger.

diciembre 22, 2011

Rebel Without a Cause
October 12, 2010

Teal Socks & Lace

La Vagabond Dame

Polka Dot Caramel

La Vagabond Dame

La Vagabond Dame

Olive Bearings

Canary Yellow

Baby, Take Five

Friday Brunches

Classy for Summer


Young & Restless

The Twenties

Strong Shoulder

Lilac Polish

Royal Blue & Camel Hue

Finally Found my own Realm of Dreams

Stripes Obsessed

Pink Backpack for School

Time for Fall Season

City Life

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

White Light

Mustard & Burgundy

Tulle Holiday Giveaway

Late Fall Spices

Gumba’s for Best F.’s Birthday

Winter Formal

Pleated Lavender

Sitting on the Docks in Nautical Blues

Stand Still

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cotton Candy Colors

Forever Fixated

Pretty Pinks

Pastel Check

Bright Red & Polished

First of Spring Days

Almost Famous

Sweet & Classy

Spring Cleaning

Malibu Barbie Doll

Falafel Drive In

Floral Dr. Martens

She Drinks Acid Like Honey

I Feel Like Daisy Buchanan

Meow Said The Pussy

Nadia Aboulhosn – Esmerald / Blogger.

diciembre 17, 2011

NADIA ABOULHOSN – all it took was patience.

Shine in your own way.

Define your legacy.

Riding a dream.

Bad kid baby

The spring sun.

Unapologetic fearlessness/

NADIA ABOULHOSN – Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

NADIA ABOULHOSN – Monday, January 2, 2012.

Soraya De Carvalho / Blogger.

diciembre 17, 2011


“White Light”

August 29, 2011

“I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.”

Girls can be Boyish & feminine.

Hermes & Louboutin perfect fusion.

Fendi vs Charlotte Olympia.

Black and Gold.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

Vivienne Westwood & Louboution.

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.”

“Its an animal thing”

“Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress”

” Its Saturday, what else can I say?”

” Blue + Magenta “

” Hat + Gucci ankle boots “

“The oversize trench coat”

*Back to Black*

“A fall day”

*Pink Sunday*

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”

“Fashion is made to become unfashionable.”

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”

“Style is the dress of thoughts”

“I stay true to myself and my style”

” Celebrating Old-School Glamour “

” Red Mulberry “

” The Over-knee high bOOts ” Part 1

“The Over-knee high bOOts” Part 2

” Tangerine fur and Jacket “

” Red and Back “

“On -the-go”

” Asymmetric Ashish acid-tone sequin dress”

” Boxing day “

“Happy New Year”

” Here we go again “

” A windy winter “

” Out of the blue “

“Hercules shoulder and Sexy back”

* Just another day *

*Pre-Spring colour clash*

“Feels like spring”

*Raspberry…I’m addicted to GlAmOuR*

* Let it snow *

* Yesterday *

Laughing in the purple rain / Blogger.

diciembre 12, 2011



Memories of Summer

Time Is Changing…

Life Is Good

Be Happy !!

Too much “I love You”

Too Hot

If You Can Hear My Voice..

Want it , take it

Take Me Home

Stop Pretending Like You Don’t Give a Shit

I Am Who I Am ..

Nobody’s Perfect

Friday 13th – I’m Alive !

I’m Easy To Please

Love Hate Love

The Last Song..

Smiley Face

Tell The World I’m Coming Home !

I ❤ Gdansk

Shit happens

The Hangover , Part 2

I’m Looking Through You ..

I Hate When Things Are Over

Those Summer Nights..

I’m Nobody’s Fool!

I Think I Thought I Saw You Try..

I Let Him Grab My Hand And Lead Me Through The Darkness

Memories Are Sweet , Cherish It !


Carry On

“The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed.”

It’s A Crazy World We Live In !

Clockwise _ In My Mind

I’d give you the stars in the sky. But they’re too far away.

Smooth Criminal

Be something you love and understand


Life’s a Bitch and then you Die

I won’t let another minute go to waste .

I thought it felt right but that right was wrong~

Forget About The Money !

There is always some reason in madness

Wrong Like Me

Those Bright Days

I’m gonna buy a knife and kill you all !

I Keep On Failing

Angry walls that steal the air

Pearl Jam _Just Breathe <33

Crazy Cow , I Need You Right Now :**

It’s Good To Be Bad

Oh, so you think you know me now

Sometimes I’m in disbelief I didn’t know

I Want My Innocence Back


Guns N’ Roses – So Fine

You May Say I’m A Dreamer ..

Sweet Pain ..

And so I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed ..


A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.

No Place To Hide , I’m Losing My Mind

Be Smart But Not Boring

Alice In Chains – Confusion

It’s My Birthday! Drink To That!

Smelly Cat, smelly cat it’s not your fault…

Cry Me A River

Heart Skips A Bit

Everyday I Try

Love Matters


No Regrets

Let It All Out

Perfectly Wrong

You Deserve Better

If I Could , Then I Would..

Who You Are

Loca People

I Know .. !

I’ve learned to live half alive..

Beautiful Disaster

Wish On A Star

I’m Not Afraid

Run To The Hills


It’s not even funny




Nadia Aboulhosn / Blogger.

diciembre 8, 2011

NADIA ABOULHOSN – Dont be insecure if your heart is pure.

Mean walk.
October 15, 2011

Pretty woman.

Dominating on every level.

Changing skies.

Lotus flower bomb.

Long overdue.

Persistent passion.

Electric chapel. ϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟ

Small door of opportunity.

Cake cake cake cake.

Dreaming is believing.

I dont need permission.

Dreams become attainable.


Express your womankind.

Keep up.

Warm winter.

Simplistic sophistication.

Give way to impulse.

Dont you be holding back.

Its always a new beginning.

Cant be labeled.

Dream with open eyes.

Center or my own world

Enter galactic.

Second best is never enough.

Crimson lace.

Distant horizon.

Bohemian Bones / Blogger.

diciembre 7, 2011

Red cheetah
June 7, 2011


Cuckoo Birds and I

Roses are red, violets are blue…

Orange is a hot summer day

Follow the gray brick road

On Mirror Mountain, the place of encounters

Billy Jean is not my lover!

Zig zigs and Bones

Zebra Love

Roll and Tie Ur Navy Neckerchief

Bed of Flowers

We’re in the half light, none of us can tell.

Topps Tiles Blues

Black Eagle

Crimson in red

I got stripes, Stripes around my shoulders.

Super Magnolia

Satellite Heart

Autumn Leaves

Bloodbuzz Ohio

Flower Jungle

Paint it Black!

Over the hills and far away

Strawberry Fields Forever

Unsolved Mysteries

Juggling Fish

Castles in the air

If ur going to SF, be sure to wear some flower in ur hair!

Black Beach

Snake bitten…

Paint with the colors of the wind

Strange Nostalgia for the Future

Dancing Cheetah come before my Forest

Match Point.

Inspector Wolfy Mousy

Ready to Start

Soaking up the sun

Velvet Roses

Dresden Dolls

The Blues are still Blue

Black Hole Sun


She’s hearing voices…

Running with horses

Love over Silver

Vanilla Sky

Twisting by the Pool

Black Stars and Blue Stripes

In Love with a Feeling

Merry Go Round

The Golden Hour

Golden Army

The Last Gunfighter Ballad

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Blue Shades

Once Apon A Time In The West

A Groovy Kind of Love

Jailhouse Rock

The Crystal Ship

Good Luck Charm

Model Mayhem Shooting.

diciembre 3, 2011


Diana Netaneel Caitilin /

diciembre 2, 2011

La moda es mi vida
June 3, 2010

Playing with my lolipop

Bohemian look

Brownie blouse

I’m not in the jungle

I’m in love with brown

I’m not dancing in the street

I’m waiting you here

Final mustard

Fashion is my way to get out of this world boredom

I’m not a snow white

Black tutu skirt

Don’t see my clutch

I’m your mechanic

Bird nest headgear

Sunny day

Tell Them I Was Happy

My summer is here

Waiting outside the lines

Polka dress

We stuck where we’re

My Tutu and Shoes


For the last time

White Grass

Red and Black

For love to overflow

Get Up

Smile with my bread



Black leather jacket


Blu giallo e rosa

Heart Fringe

Black ribbon

Your song

Cutout dress

Neon and event

Late night rendezvous

I’m your sunflower

White and black

Gold cost

Flair dress